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Are you looking for a non-traditional Tulsa spiritual group that puts LOVE first?

If you are considering visiting us for the first time, have a look at our What to Expect page to find out what happens at our Sunday Gatherings. We would love to have you!

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Featured Events

Barry Christopher and Monica McIntyre present a sound immersion meditation program using crystal bowls, didgeridoo, drums, and other percussion instruments to encourage a deeper meditative state while balancing the chakras and facilitating healing.

Come to Guthrie Green to hear guru Atma Nambi who returns from India to host a satsang (share spiritual truths).

Coming Up This Week

Yoga and Meditation Class

Come practice yoga and increase your awareness of the mind-body connection while promoting mental and physical health. Emphasis is on strength, balance, flexibility, and breathing techniques to calm the mind, focus awarness and oxygenate the body. There is a meditation with singing bowls at the end of class to promote centering and calm. The class

The Emotion Code

Do you have a feeling that your present is somehow being held hostage by past experiences? Learn how trapped emotions can create pain, emotional stress and eventual disease. Call Penny Watson to setup an appointment: 918-694-3399

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